Our Guarantee

Organic-Design‘s Guarantee
This guarantee covers the level of professionalism, service and integrity you can expect in working with Organic-Design:

We will be honest, hard working and as concerned with protecting your pocketbook as if it were our own.

We guarantee to put your goals first and technology second.

We will speak your language, not technical gibberish. When we must discuss a technical area, we will translate it and explain both its importance, your choices and our recommendations.

We don’t take commissions or fees from any provider. Our advice is objective, based solely on your needs.

You are not billed for the time it takes to understand your organization or to learn whatever new technique, program or other process is needed for the creation of your site or any of its features. Any learning is done at our expense, not yours.

Because the creation or redesign of a website almost always entails adding features not originally anticipated (a phenomenon called “feature creep”), we will advise you of the estimated additional cost for such features before we proceed.

We will discourage you from adding features and functions you don’t need. We will suggest features that we believe would serve you well. We will never try to sell you features and functions you don’t need.

The estimate we provide assumes that normal expenditures of time are spend on the steps described in the Website Development Process page. Therefore, reducing the time will mean a lower cost while exceeding the time will mean an increased cost.

You will be satisfied with the website created/redesigned and any other services we provide. If not. we will work until you are.

Our work is guaranteed for a full year to perform as it was designed to do. Someone on your end tinkering with the code or the hosting company going out of business are different matters, but in any event, we’ll be there when needed.

We will provide you with a backup of the completed site for safekeeping. We will also keep a second backup of the site at launch for further safekeeping.

We will come back in 30 days to give you a free check-up at our expense to see that everything is working as it should.

We recommend that you adopt an inexpensive but reliable Content Management System that allows you to easily update your website’s content so it continues to feel vital. This will avoid the expense of paying a web designer’s fee for those updates.

Likewise, we’ll create templates so you can add pages as needed to the site.

We ask that you tell us when there is any dissatisfaction with our work so that we correct it immediately.

Also tell us what we’ve forgotten to include in this guarantee? What other concerns do you have? Please let us know. Seriously!