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Setting Up For Invokana Lawsuit In 2017

Invokana has not been earning rave reviews by those in the medical community, and there has been a lot of talk about how its side effects can damage the body instead of treating it.

The FDA has been able to put together studies, and the results weren’t ideal for those who are taking Invokana. This information is out there for those who are looking for it, and it is time to look into setting up a lawsuit by
in 2017 against the FDA.

Here is more on what a client can do.

Free Consultation

What is a client going to receive when it comes to the Invokana lawsuit?

The free consultation is a starting point for those who are looking to stay safe and want to make sure they are not being put in a bad situation. By being able to get a read on how your case is and how the lawsuit is going to be established, it makes it simpler to see how things are going to unfold.

Patients who have been put in this situation and want a way out are going to need to look at this lawsuit as a clear-cut solution.


Compensation is one of the most important benefits of being able to set up a lawsuit against the FDA and fighting for your rights as a US citizen. By being able to combat the incorrect prescriptions and what was put into your body, it is possible to receive compensation for the issues that came as a result.

This is important for those who have had to deal with an amputation because of INvokana.

By being able to present this case, it is possible to fight against Invokana and make sure you get what you deserve moving forward.

FDA Trials

The FDA heard about Invokana and wanted to make sure the drug was not causing some of the medical issues that were listed. One of the concerns had to do with an increase in how many amputations were being done on patients who had taken the drug.

After this information came out, it was time to make changes based on the information that was out there.

Two trials were run to make sure the information was accurate, and they both came back with staggering results indicated an increase in amputations. This was done compared to regular placebo offered to patients.

New Information on Invokana

Invokana hasn’t been in the bright lights when it comes to the side effects it brings to a patient’s life. These concerns have been mentioned by a lot of people who state it has not helped them and has made things worse along with cases where amputations were necessary to eliminate the issues caused by Invokana. This was important for those who are considering using the drug in the future or may have already used it and dealt with serious side effects. This new information has been important as a role player in how lawsuits are being set up on behalf of those impacted.

FDA has not done enough when it comes to the rights of patients who are dealing with diabetes and may not feel safe with a drug such as this in their body. By being able to speak to a legal professional and having a lawsuit set up against the FDA, it makes it easier to win compensation for what you had to go through as a patient. No one should be put through such a situation where the medication they were taking becomes a major problem in their life.