Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Organic-Design?
Choosing a new web designer often means trusting to a stranger one of the most visible manifestations of the important work you do. Of course the designer must have particular qualifications (See How to Choose a Web Designer), but it still boils down to a question of trust.

We exist to help progressive non-profits and social entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Organic-Design shares your values and values your contribution. Our mission is to provide you with effective communication tools. Everything flows from that mission. Which means we take our contribution and our performance very seriously — and we’re excited by the kind of work we’re fortunate enough to do. A glance at two current projects will give a sense of the work we love.

Two Recent Projects. The first project is HOBY. Now approaching its 50th year of service, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) encourages young people to become positive catalysts for change — in the home, in the school, in the workplace and in the community. As the nation’s foremost youth leadership development organization, with more than 335,000 alumni, this nonprofit is respected worldwide. Some 8,000 high school students take HOBY seminars each year, which is only one of its programs. Organic-Design recently redesigned HOBY’s webside and is now adapting a project management program and other tools so that the 70 groups of volunteers putting on the seminars across the country will have an easier time planning, communicating and tracking their group’s progress. Each location will also be able to have its own website complete with a photo album and a choice of dozens of other online tools to foster each local community of volunteers and alumni.

A different current project has Organic-Design creating a dozen web designs for use by small farmers’ markets that would otherwise be unable to afford a simple but effective website. Funded by a grant from the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the Southland Farmers Market Association, the project also involved writing a manual that explains in plain English how to turn those web pages into a website.

Other Reasons to choose Organic-Design:

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Organic-Design’s guarantees both our work and the integrity with which we do business. It’s that simple. You must be pleased with the site. Period. Talk to our clients and see if they don’t agree. You’re going to get genuine value.

Value: A small firm like Organic-Design offers greater value than a large agency with its large overhead. In fact, a large design firm’s rate averages four times more than that of a small firm or individual.

Specialized Expertise: Organic-Design knows the need for substance, not glitz. We offer extensive experience in internet functionality, traditional publishing, editing and writing. Because Organic-Design specializes in nonprofits, we know both your world plus the myriad special resources that are available to nonprofits.

Improved Client Collaboration: We’re collaborative. We listen to you and work closely with you to create the site you want and need.

No Conflicting Goals: Some struggling design firms will do a nonprofit site to showcase its ability, but too often because the site is really showcasing their work, not yours, it’s ill-suited. You’re also forced to wait to suit their schedule. You’re simply not fully in command when work is being donated or heavily discounted. That’s why most serious nonprofits choose to hire the professionals they need to get the skills and service they want. That’s what we provide. Our mission is to serve you.

Hand-Picked Professional: Organic-Design’s principal will work directly with you, not a junior staffer with no compelling stake in meeting your expectations.

Improved Accountability: We value your work. Organic-Design will earn your trust. We guarantee it.